Bluerain Boys

Introducing our two new homebred young boys. We had decided to no longer keep stud cats and with this in mind neutered and retired our male Mo who is currently enjoying life as a sofa loafer:-)

Wolfy was a singleton and had to stay with us as his mother went for quality rather than quantity.

Jones' dad also a Jones was retired aged one after giving us a litter to keep from as he wasn't cut out for the stud life. Both him and Mo now live a life of luxury together eating prawns and generally being spoilt.


Bluerain Citizen Smith - Wolfy
(aka Bomp, Bumper, Pud)

D.o.B: 1st November 2010

Colour: Blue (16)

Blood group:Ab   PKD: Negative

Wolfy. Well what can we say about this boy. He has fab type and coat and a temperament which is second to none. He loves to eat........ anything and anybody's food, nothing is safe even bees!! He is a real sweetie and loves cuddles and playing and constantly purrs. He has a lovely pedigree with many show cats in his lines, hopefully he will follow in their footsteps. At his only show as a kitten he was awarded best british kitten. In January 2012 he gained his first CC and he will hopefully make Champion early this year.


Bluerain Jones Junior - Jones
(aka: JJ)

D.o.B: July 2011

Colour: Silver Tabby (18)

Blood group: A    PKD: Negative

With his lovely looks and purrsonality to match Jones just had to stay with us. Like most of the cats we breed he has a very healthy appetite, and like his dad and granddad he just loves prawns not that he is spoilt! He loves chasing insects in the garden and playing with anything he can find such as twigs and leaves. He adores cuddles and purrs like a tractor and one of his favourite pastimes is washing his human slaves!

He may be shown in 2012.