The Family Pets


Champion Bluerain Silver Romeo - Mo
(aka Mooch, Moocher, Modalberry)

Mo was the only male in a litter of 7 and is a real character. As a kitten he used to lie on your foot and stay on there when you were walking!!

He has the most loving and gentle nature and also loves to play. He is now retired from breeding as prefers his home comforts. He loves prawns and warm white fish not that he is spoilt! He may be shown soon as a neuter so watch this space.


Bluerain Buster Keaton - Buster
(aka Scooch, Busty)

We kept Buster as a potential stud cat, he sired one litter then decided he preferred eating and cuddles so was neutered. He is a little shy but loves everyone both human and feline and his favourite pastime apart from food is have tummy tickles.


Bluerain Valentino Rossi - Wally
(aka Binks, Wonky, Buddy)

Wally is a very special cat who is very loving and entertaining and we wouldn't be without him! He is our sons cat and does live up to the name that he gave him! He loves prawns and any sort of meat including worms, flies and bees!!!!